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16 May 2012 @ 10:20 pm

ndeed, the surprise guest really surprised everyone including Daigoro himself. Umezawa Tomio was something really surprising.  No wonder Daigoro smiles like there is no end.

Show in Hiroshima Backstage: Daigoro with the Taishu Engeki icon, Umezawa Tomio.

Umezawa in his prime.

Umezawa Tomio is one of the most popular Taishu Engeki actors in the last two decades. He gained popularity in the 80's and had repeatedly appeared on Television dramas, TV movies,  music and etc. Like Daigoro, he is a professional enka singer. Umezawa is the modern icon for the Taishu engeki actor and an onnagata. He is surely a good sempai that Dai-chan can look up to.

Here's a small bio on Umezawa: 
Present, Vice-chairman of Umezawa Takeo Gekidan (梅沢武生劇団).
His father (late Kiyoshi Umezawa), was the chairman of the popular theater “Kengeki (剣劇)”, as well as a big star in the post-war popular theater prosperity period, becoming the top performer filling up theaters such as Asakusa “Tokiwaza (常盤座)” with many people. His mother was from Musume Kabuki (娘歌舞伎). Umezawa Takeo Gekidan specializes in parodies of Kabuki repertoires, tailoring shows like a musical, and reviewing. (Adding the “Show-style” performances of Fumio Umezawa, stages were performed in three parts.)
Currently, members of the Umezawa Takeo Gekidan number up to fifty, eldest son “Takefu” as chairman, with majority of eight siblings as members of the “family troupe”. Within the show, Fumio Umezawa plays from a handsome man’s role to a comedian, and even to a dancing glossy women’s role. In recent years he has energetically appeared on TV, winning the hearts of a wide age range from kids to adults.

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30 October 2011 @ 10:22 am
Click the image to enlarge.

Just sharing some photos of Daigoro fooling around in Rhiga Royal Hotel, Osaka. He really loves the chandelier. Enjoy~
19 October 2011 @ 08:51 am
Well, of course, by the power of make-up! But, I have been always curious how do these actors transform to otherworldly creatures on stage. Sometimes, men who are in Taishu Engeki are better than girls in applying make-up. They are even choosy in choosing which lipstick to apply... much to my amazement. Hahaha

Here is a quick demonstration of Zacho Shintaro (aside from being the chairman of the troupe, he also owns a dojo) , a friend of Daigoro and a fellow onnagata, before he goes onstage for his daily performance. Enjoy! :D

13 August 2011 @ 01:43 am
Hanabutai, a known Taishu Engeki magazine has released its 87th issue for the month of August of this year with Daigoro Tachibana as the cover actor. You can buy this magazine in bookstores in Japan now. It's only available in Japan (unfortunately), however like Engeki Graph, there might be back issue sales for overseas readers available in online shopping websites. Indeed, a very nice shot of Daigoro's face in full onnagata regalia. :)
02 July 2011 @ 06:56 pm
Today, Daigoro Tachibana was sent to the hospital after an accident on stage. He mentioned in his blog that he was fixing the lighting on stage and fell down the ladder. His leg was swelling and he said he was in pain. For the meantime, he might not be able to perform, because of his injury. He posted some photos of him in the wheel chair and having crutches. Poor Daigoro. D:

Daigoro in a wheel chair.

His fans tried to cheer him up by leaving words of encouragement in his blog. They all wish for him to have a fast recovery. 

Edit: He has resumed performing despite his leg injury.
26 June 2011 @ 11:30 pm
Hello everyone~!

I just found this page recently in Wikipedia. If you search Daigoro Tachibana in Google or in Wikipedia, this link will not show up or might not be in the first page ranks. Most probably it doesn't show up, because the article has a differently spelled first name. It is written as Daigorō instead of Daigoro.  It has a very small variation, but it makes a whole lot difference. :D

Anyway, here it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daigor%C5%8D_Tachibana

All the Best!

D.T. Maintainers have added new features to their site: Photo Gallery and Video Gallery of Daigoro Tachibana~! You can now freely share videos and photos of Daigoro Tachibana within the fan community. :)

Note: For those who want to contribute photos, info or videos, just contact D.T. Maintainers through their new contact page.
Banner by: SAKURA
13 June 2011 @ 11:09 pm
Courtesan Parade

"Dōchū is a shortened form of oiran-dochu, also the name for the walk the top courtesans made around the quarter or the parade they made to escort their guests. This parade features three oiran in full regalia — Shinano, Sakura, and Bunsui — among the cherry blossoms in April with approximately 70 accompanying servants. Each oiran in 15-cm tall geta parades in the distinctive gait, giving the parade an alternate name, the Dream Parade of Echigo (Echigo no yume-dochu). The event is extremely popular across the country, with many people in Japan applying for the three oiran and servant roles of the parade." - Wikipedia

Daigoro Tachibana as an Oiran (high-ranking courtesan)

Last 2007, Daigoro attended the Oiran Dochu with his troupe, Tachibana Kikutarou Gekidan. We would like to share these photos which were taken during the parade~

The streets were crowded as he marched and a lot of people want to take a glimpse of him or take a memorable shot of him. It's very difficult to take close-up photos during the parade, but thanks to Daigoro fans, they shared these rare shots of  the 20-year-old Daigoro as one of the high ranking courtesan during the festival. Enjoy these pretty photos~:)

Photos of Daigoro marching as an Oiran last 2007Collapse )